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    Our electrochemical processes enable oxidation and reduction reactions without using chemical reagents. Our long experience of electrochemistry on production scale allows us to run cleaner, higher yielding and more selective reactions. The method allows to obtain higher purity material than with classical methods while addressing the reduction of chemical waste for better sustainability and more eco-friendly chemical processes.


    Enzymatic synthesis processes

    We address challenging chemical selectivity issues with the use of enzymes. Our broad experience and network of specialist partners allows us to genetically design the required enzymes for better performance, selectivity and efficiency. In particular, stereo-selective chemical transformations can be run in an eco-friendly environment. Our modern facilities are fully equipped to support the scale-up and stable operation of sustainable enzymatic reactions. The process reduces the risk of chemical hazards, and cuts back on waste and the use of solvents while increasing chemical purity and decreasing side reactions.


    Sterilization by filtration

    We can sterilize our Steroid products by filtration for parenteral applications. The manufacturing process takes place in several steps in a closed cycle system. After dissolution in a class 100.000 (C) area, the filtration is performed through a series of cartridges. The following steps (crystallization, drying, micronization, packing) are performed in class 100 (A/B) areas. Compared to the use of classical gamma radiation this generates a lower energy consumption and a more environmental-friendly processing.


    Chemical processes in aqueous media

    Our large volume processes are partially water-based. The process minimizes the use of organic solvents, reducing waste and ensuring the safety of employees and the environment.


    To drive our continuous pursuit of innovation, we work closely with an international network of industrial and academic partners in the fields of analytical science, enzyme design and preparation, and enzymatically catalyzed reactions, as well as electrochemical solutions.

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