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  • Farmabios expands its portfolio with Cannabidiol API

    Global API supplier Farmabios announced today the addition of an ultra-pure synthetic Cannabidiol (CBD) drug substance to its portfolio. With an EU Drug Master File and cGMP manufacturing capacities, Farmabios is now positioned to fulfill a secure and scalable supply of CBD, from clinical needs to full-scale commercial operations. “As a long-standing supplier of specialized APIs, we are very pleased to add this GMP grade Cannabidiol to our growing portfolio. CBD has the potential to open new and larger markets for the industry. We’re excited to expand our ability to work with our existing customers as well as new ones, as we respond to the increasing market demand for CBD-based APIs,” said Farmabios General Manager Mario Di Giacomo.

    As part of the PharmaZell Group, Farmabios is the leading global manufacturer of non-sterile and sterile steroids and offers custom development and manufacturing services of a focused portfolio of High Potent Substances (HPS) and anticancer drugs. With decades of steroid chemistry expertise and ongoing research and development activities, Farmabios provides a flexible approach that meets the specific requirements of each customer.

    About The PharmaZell Group:

    The PharmaZell Group consists of three companies – PharmaZell, Farmabios and Pharmachol who supply the pharmaceutical industry with Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. The Group operates production facilities in Germany, Italy and India and enables its companies to secure the industry’s supply chain as trusted drug substance suppliers. Over 900 people work for the PharmaZell Group worldwide.

    Key Group Facts:

    • More than €170 million revenue in 2018
    • Compound annual growth rate of 8.5% over the last decade
    • A strong and competitive industry leader, ranked among the top three producers for most Pharmazell products
    • State-of-the-art proprietary, large-scale electrochemical processes
    • Proprietary enzymatic route of synthesis for cholic acid derivatives

    Please contact Mr. Michel Blanc, michel.blanc@pharmazell.com for further information.

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