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  • Custom Development and Manufacturing

    PharmaZell brings extensive expertise and understanding of API development and manufacturing to support for your clinical trials and commercial requirements. We operate four cGMP/FDA inspected, state-of-the-art plants.

    Our services include:

    • Analytical research and development
    • Process development & optimization using a broad portfolio of standard and advanced proprietary technologies
    • Production from kilo-lab, pilot plants to multi-ton commercial scale
    • Supply chain optimisation and continuous improvement
    • Stability testing and forced degradation studies
    • Regulatory project management including worldwide regulatory registration support
    • Supply chain optimisation and control

    Project Management

    PharmaZell operates with full transparency and accessibility with our customers’ needs driving the process. Our project managers will work closely with you to ensure project teams are aligned and informed throughout the lifecycle of the project.

    Process R&D

    PharmaZell process development services are built to deliver scalable and robust synthetic routes under tight timelines. PharmaZell provides you with the appropriate solution that meets your expectations for quality, quantity and regulatory compliance. We scale up your chemistry and, if needed, we can develop and optimize alternate synthetic routes. Our process development services include:

    • Chemical route selection
    • Optimal process and scale-up conditions are identified using DoE (design of experiment).
    • API particle control (i.e. polymorphism, tailor-made particle size distributions and crystal shape)
    • HSE assessment
    • Process validation

    Analytical Know-How

    We develop and implement robust analytical methods for application in daily routine environment, and for validation and transfer under GMP with the following LC-equipment: HPLC/UPLC in combination with UV, RI and ELSD-detection: GC-equipment: GC and GC-HS, GC-MS.

    Intellectual Property Rights

    PharmaZell has the inherent right to protect its know-how, expertise and competitive advantage including sales-figures, marketing data and business strategies.

    Accordingly, PharmaZell respects and protects the intellectual property rights of third parties. Employees are trained to uphold our Intellectual Property Policy and disclosing procedures. They are obliged to protect company proprietary information, unless authorized to do so.

    This obligation applies to current and former employees.

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